Spruce Purple Striped Tie

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Our Purple Spruce Street Tie features blended English silk and Escorial wool fabric. In the 14th century, Spanish Royalty took possession of a unique flock of sheep originating from the Mahgreb in Northern Africa. This flock became known as the Royal El Escorial flock. In the 16th century, King Phillip II built the El Escorial Palace near Madrid to nurture and protect this flock, as their soft fleeces produced the most exquisite fabrics of the era. In 1830, 100 of these sheep were taken to Australia and have produced the only remaining Escorial sheep alive today. Naturally grown and carefully tended to, the Escorial wool is distinguished by its naturally resilient coiled fiber creating an unsurpassed luxurious fabric. This truly unique wool has been enhanced with pure English organzine silk to create a beautiful hand and color arrays. Each tie is 3 1/8 inches wide and handmade in New York City.